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​I can guide you through the contract and attorney review process, applying for a mortgage, obtaing title search and survey right up to sitting at the closing table!
We can provide the actual cost and fees you can expect to pay at closing!

I can share the benefit of my years of experience to help you shop for the best legal, title and survey costs.  I can also help with choosing the right mortgage company to make your homebuying experience seamless and exciting!

From Contract to Closing  One Step at a Time!
Accurate and reliable information from individuals with 30+ years experience.

In today's ever-changing and evolving real estate market, I can keep you advised of the latest updates in both the real estate, title insurance and mortgage processes, including obtaining the best loan for your individual situation,

Settling into your new Neighborhood

Choosing the right neighborhood, whether it be urban or suburban, 1is usually more important than selecting the type of home you will   ultimately purchase.  You will need to check out the schools and their ratings, how close you will be topublictransportation (both buses and trains if traveling into NYC or some other major city) and what amenities are available in  your  immediate area.  You will want to have easy access to major roads and highways for convenience purposes and also be close to shopping, parks if you have children and houses of worship.  
Choosing the right mortgage broker is crucial to a smooth transaction.   You can get a referral from your real estate agent but also check one or two others before you make a final decision.

This depicts a typical closing table.  Usually the buyers and sellers will be there and there will be one or sometimes two realtors.  There will also be an attorney and a representative from the title company will make sure the closing runs smoothly!
There is a home out there for everyone!
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I have been in the real estate industry since 1984, helping both residential and commercial buyers find the perfect property for their individual needs.

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